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Monday, April 19, 2004
Spotlight On....

To help kick off my new blog, I'm adding a new feature called "Spotlight On...". 

Last week I caught up with Copssister, and forced her to answer a few questions. Add any of your own questions for her in the comment section.

  Kris....Kristina, formally.
Age:  27  (CZJ years). 
Location:  Cleveland, OH
How many times have you heard the song "Cleveland Rocks?"
Oddly enough, though the number of times certainly hovers near the tens of thousands - I love the song.  Thanks to Drew Carey, the rest of America has grown to love the song as well.  There's not a Browns/Cavs/Indians game where that song is not played...and that's okay with me.
Where were you born?
Battle Creek, MI...moved to Chatham, Ontario when I was 5 weeks old.
We're glad you're back where you belong.  There are enough Canadians as it is.
So, is your brother really a cop?
Absolutely...thankfully in a small town near me where he's only given one bullet to carry in his chest pocket (vague Andy Griffith reference).
Tell us, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A mom....or an Architect or Interior Designer.
Did you change your mind, or are you still growing up?
There's still hope.  As there's no man in my life right now, I need to continue a career where I can support myself and I'm successful at business.  If I win the lotto, you'll see me back in school in a heartbeat to learn a trade that I'll love doing.  WIth medical advancements these days, I'm still considering the motherhood goal....after all, my mom was pregnant at 48, so I have good breeding genetics going for me. 
My kids are available for free demo, just so you know.
What were mealtimes like for you as a child?
Meat and potatoes, every night at 6:30, in front of the TV with my family.  Even as a child, I was addicted.
 Watching Barry Manilow specials?
There wasn't a Manilow special that I missed !!  He's truly one of my childhood icons.  Granted, I didn't miss one Donny & Marie Show and Shaun Cassidy was my first concert experience, so my taste at that young age is a little suspect.
I think you are truely one of the bravest people I know for admitting that.
What was your first date like?
Does hand-holding during the afterschool roller skating parties count?  If not, a teen night on my 14th birthday at the local disco....with a 16-year-old boy named Andy Laudato.  His sister, Renee, was in my class at school.  I have no idea where he is these days....actually, now that I think about it, that family moved soon after that date.
Never a good signLet's change the subject, shall we?

What is in your vegetable bin?
Flat-leaf parsley, basil, broccoli crowns, yams, an English cuke, baby carrots, lemon, lime, an onion, and an eye mask.
Why English cucumbers?
Grace !!  must I continue to pull your mind out of the gutter???  That said, I do believe it subconsciously has something to do with my crush on Colin Firth....just can't be sure.  I haven't had a regular cuke in years.  They're substandard, don't you think?
I really don't have much experience with cucumbers, so I'll take your word for it.
What color is your car?
Firecracker Red....which is truly a merlot color.
Are you having a good hair day?
Today was acceptable...but it's normally a coin-toss thanks to natural curls.  Any day I don't shave it off is a good day.
Do you ever wear hats?
Sweetie, there is no hat out there that can fit over this pumpkin head o' mine.  Add the big hair, and all bets are off.  Consider Julia's not physically possible.
What is your favorite perfume?
360 by Perry Ellis

What is your middle name?

What type of books do you like to read?
Mysteries and Supernatural Thrillers. 
Even on the beach?
I'm Irish, so I don't spend much time on the beach.  Besides, frickin' sand gets everywhere !!  I love the beach themed vacations (Caribbean, cruises, Cape Cod, etc), but I've never grown fond of just lying there baking in the sun.  Perhaps it's the 7.8 days a year it's warm enough in Cleveland to hit the local beach...
What is your favorite type of cookie?
[gasp] What, no chocolate?
Don't get me wrong...there are times and places in my life for chocolate.  Had you asked about favorite candy, favorite cake, favorite pudding, favorite bedroom sauce, would have seen chocolate in the response. 
Bedroom sauce?  WTF?
C'mon...consider our options for romantic edible body treats. Chocolate sauce is much more suited for the bedroom than other desert toppings. Carmel is just too gooey...makes for difficult clean-up. Whipped cream simply has too many fat grams. Hot Fudge is too volatile, so my friend, the safety expert, has told me. Cherry....well, clearly that's just too cliche. Raspberry has all those damn seeds...the bedroom is the last place I want to take time to pick things out of my teeth...hmmm, I think that somehow ties back to my preference for English seeds.
Those Catholic schoolgirls are always the wild ones! 

Who would you like to see featured in my next Spotlight?
Excellent - I get to pick??  Without a doubt, there are a considerable amount of things that I don't know about Mike.  Given the bizarre facts you were able to extract from me...a spotlight on him would be very enlightening for us all.
Speaking of Canadians!  I might need a Canadian dictionary for that interview!
Thanks, Copssister, for taking the time from your busy career!  I think we all learned a little something here today.

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Welcome to my New Home

Come in, wipe your feet, and have a look around.

This blog was born a week ago today.  I've already had a few visitors~ ones that I asked to come take a look last week while I was still trying to set everything up.  So far everything seems to be working, and I'll have to admit that it looks pretty good.  I still have a few things to fine tune, but those are issues that I can work on as I go. 

I hope you enjoy my new place!

ETA~ I think I'll tweak the colors a bit.  It looks like an muddy rainbow.
Also~ my apologies to my friends without RSS.  I'll list you individually soon.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Spotlight Series

The following list of people were all victims of my Spotlight On interviews.
The individual interviews are linked to each name.

This has been a lot of fun,
and I hope to conduct many more interviews
in the months ahead. 
A big thanks to everyone who participated!

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Monday, April 12, 2004
Extreme Makeover~ Blog Edition

Change is good when it looks like this. 

I did it. 
I made the executive decision to take control of my blog and move it someplace that allowed me to say things like "to hell with all you scum-sucking fuckwads" and get away with it. 

Now, I still love AOL for (a) few reasons, (other than it's free-ness):

          ~ My SuperBuddy®. 
          ~ My Buddy List is a true friend itself. 
          ~ My (sometimes nightly) AOL chat with my online buddies.
  But, when it comes to journaling,  AOL just doesn't have what I need. 
Blah Blah Blog will soon be retired, and I will turn here to spew my musings, recipes, rants, links, images,  or real life adventures. 

To my current Subscribers, don't forget to change my new address in your links and notifiers. 

Don't expect the content of my blog to improve.  That's not likely, but do expect that it won't look like ass anymore. 



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