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Tuesday, April 13, 2004
Spotlight Series

The following list of people were all victims of my Spotlight On interviews.
The individual interviews are linked to each name.

This has been a lot of fun,
and I hope to conduct many more interviews
in the months ahead. 
A big thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted at 06:05 pm by ChefGrace
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Monday, April 12, 2004
Extreme Makeover~ Blog Edition

Change is good when it looks like this. 

I did it. 
I made the executive decision to take control of my blog and move it someplace that allowed me to say things like "to hell with all you scum-sucking fuckwads" and get away with it. 

Now, I still love AOL for (a) few reasons, (other than it's free-ness):

          ~ My SuperBuddy®. 
          ~ My Buddy List is a true friend itself. 
          ~ My (sometimes nightly) AOL chat with my online buddies.
  But, when it comes to journaling,  AOL just doesn't have what I need. 
Blah Blah Blog will soon be retired, and I will turn here to spew my musings, recipes, rants, links, images,  or real life adventures. 

To my current Subscribers, don't forget to change my new address in your links and notifiers. 

Don't expect the content of my blog to improve.  That's not likely, but do expect that it won't look like ass anymore. 



Posted at 03:18 pm by ChefGrace
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