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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Spotlight On...

Raptorgirl, who recently returned from a little vacation in San Francisco, made some time in her hectic schedule to talk to me and answer some very important questions.

NameCarmit (pronounced Car-MEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, not Kermit, and not Car-MITT).

Age:    29

Location:  Toronto

Where were you born?  Sinai, which was at the time part of Israel.  I lived there until I was 7, at which time Israel relinquished the Sinai to Egypt in return for peace.  I don't remember a hell of a lot, but I remember my first day of school, and I remember going to the swimming pool with my dad one day, and jumping out of the way of a bee, which then stung him on his hand, rendering him incapable of making his tennis match that day.  I remember the big tree in our yard, which we uprooted and took with us to our new place, where it became a massive tree.  I don't recall much of the weather, but I assume it was hot most of the time.  I also hear tell of horrible sand storms, which makes sense.  We left Sinai during Passover of 1982. I was away at my uncle and aunt's kibbutz up north for the actual move.  We didn't move very far - just a few miles on the other side of the new border.  Most of the kids from my school moved to nearby places, and we all ended up at the same new school.  My mom volunteered to take care of my first grade teacher's baby (They ended up moving to the same place, and lived about 3 houses down from us.  There wasn't daycare available in the new place.) so that I'd have the same teacher all year long.

When did you move to Canada? I moved to Canada in 1988, at age 13.  I had spent a year here, as a wee child of 5, so there was no language or accent adjustment at all for me.  I have a big family here (mom's a Canuck) so it wasn't like we were staring out in a brand new place with no support network.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  
As a kid, I wanted to be a teacher.  I am pleased to have been dissuaded of that notion, especially now that I work at a school.  Now, when I grow up, I'd like to do something that combines cooking and publishing.  

I love when you cook and photograph your food.  Wouldn't it be fun to be a food stylist?! I? more interested in the direction of recipe testing and creation, but I also really enjoy layout work.  I'm a (very) amateur photographer, so styling might be an option, but I'm not sure I'm willing to invest the effort in becoming a more skilled photographer.  I also talked to someone who was a food stylist (she was also a makeup artist and was busily giving me a gorgeous Bobbi Brown makeover as we spoke).  She told me that she had to move individual half-grains of rice with tweezers for a sushi photo shoot, which I thought might be a bit too extreme and detail oriented for me.

What were mealtimes like for you as a child?  I don't remember too much of the early years.  The food was standard.  It wasn't until we moved to Canada and my dad took over the cooking, that things got more creative.  I do remember my parents making mac & cheese for us in Israel, which was very unusual.  It's still not something that's eaten there.

I know that you and your sister love to cook.  Does your brother?
He likes food, and on the few occasions that he has cooked for me, he's been quite accomplished.  I haven't really lived with him much as an adult, so I can't really answer this question with certainty.

Did you ever like any of your school photos? I was horribly geeky my whole life, and exceptionally unphotogenic.  The only picture I ever liked was my high school graduation one. Mostly because my pimples were all touched up :).  The only thing about it that stands out is my rather bushy eye brows.  I've since taken care of them.
What was your first date like?  Hmm.  Not much on the dating in high school - I was a late bloomer and also, a total geek, hence the lack of action in high school.  And, um, after that :(.

What is in your vegetable bin?  I haven't any idea.  I don't often venture in there.
What about your purse?  Or do you call it a pocketbook?
I call it a purse.  Or rather, purses.  Mostly they have a bunch of papers and receipts that I just keep shuffling from one to the other as I switch them around.   And also, lots and lots of lip products.  I've been known to travel with 7 types of lipgloss at a time. 

What color is your car?  It's white, with blue and gold streaks.   And the words York Region Transit prominently displayed.  The only car I've ever owned (a few moons ago) was a green Civic.  If I ever got around to buying anything, it would probably be blue.  And a Mini.

Are you having a good hair day?  I've had worse, but I don't have too many good hair days.  I tend to just pull my hair back when it's wet and leave it there for the rest of the day, mostly because I am incapable of operating a blow dryer.

How often do you go to a stylist, and how many Canadian dollars does it cost you? Now that my hair is longer (shoulder length), I don't visit more than 3 or 4 times a year, and mostly I go to get my colour done, along with a short trim.  I used to spend close to $80 CDN just on cuts, which added up to a lot when I had short hair and had to go frequently.  Now I pay around the same amount for cut AND colour.

What is your favorite cologne?  Hanae Mori.  I'm also determined to never ever pay for it, so every time I chance upon a Sephora, I collect samples.  I picked up 4 of them last week :)!

What is your middle name?  I don't have one.  I've often wondered what it should have been.  Probably something generic, with the basic requirement being pronounceability.

I think you should pick your own, then! Well, damn.  That's a lot of pressure to put on me.  Any suggestions?

What type of books do you like to read? I have what some would define an  unhealthy obsession with cookbooks.  I've got well over 100 of them, and peruse them regularly.  I tend to read fluffy chick lit, but I also like financial thrillers.  I'm starting to get into non-fiction now.

How many blogs do you read regularly? And why haven't you been posting much on your own blog lately? Hmm.  I read the blogs linked on my site with some regularity, and occasionally hit the links on those sites.  My reading and blogging are a function of how busy I am at work, and also of my ability to actually turn on my nearly dead computer.  I just bought a laptop, however, and I also took a lot of pictures on my vacation, so we'll see how that affects my posting frequency.

What is your favorite type of cookie?  I'm not much of a cookie eater, but when I do, I don't discriminate.  C is for cookie, and it's good enough for me.
The Cookie Monster Song!  Did you watch Sesame Street when you were young?
A little as a small kid, and only in the year that I was here as a wee one.  We didn't get it in Israel until I was probably around 9 or 10, and it was an Israeli version at that, which was cute, but kind of cheesy.  We had a porcupine called Kippi instead of Big Bird.  When I was 16 I babysat these two little girls for a summer, and got to watch it every day, which was really fun.  My favourite characters are the purple monsters that go "yupyupyupyupyup, uh-huh, uh-huh".  As an adult, you catch a lot of humour in that show that is totally meant for adults.

Who would you like to see featured on my next "Spotlight On"? I think that crazy cat man has been allowed to roam free for far too long.  You really ought to nail him.  Down for an interview, that is :)!
Interviewing Overg should be a treat!  Thanks for taking the time to chat, Rappy!

Anyone with suggestions for Rappy's middle name should leave a comment! 


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Survivor~ Borneo Revisited Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to Saturday's quiz

Correct answers: 1-B. 2-A. 3-A. 4-B. 5-B. 6-A. 7-C. 8-B. 9-C. 10-B. 11-B. 12-C. 13-B. 14-A. 15-B. 16-C. 17-C. 18-A. 19-B. 20-A. 21-C. 22-B. 23-B.

If you got 0-5 answers correct: You have a full, rounded life.

If you got 6-10 answers correct: You probably watched "Survivor" just enough to decide it was beneath you.

If you got 11-15 answers correct: You're right on the fringe of being a pop-culture addict.

If you got 16-20 answers correct: Your calendar already is cleared for next year's "Survivor II."

If you got 21-23 answers correct: You're probably also hooked on "Big Brother," "The Real World" and "Making the Band" and in desperate need of a "reality TV" intervention.

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The Young and the RSS-less

Horray for Nancy K!  Nance's Stuff now has an RSS Feed! 
Be sure to add this fellow hamster watcher to your blog notifier!

(If you don't have a blog notifier, I suggest

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Saturday, May 29, 2004
Survivor~ Borneo Revisited

I got an email from Freeepeace earlier today.  She just bought the Survivor: Borneo series, and says that she is really enjoying it and is loving Greg, (me too:)  Of course, this made me start jonesing for more Survivor, and I got a little nostalgic, too.  There is a GREAT page at Letterman's site, with some very funny stuff, and the following quiz that I copied from  You can leave your answers in the comment section if you'd like, or just keep them to yourself. Cheating is optional.
I'll post the answers on Tuesday.

Survivor IQ Test


1. What is the title of the "Survivor" theme song?

A. "Rhythm of Life"

B. "Ancient Voices"

C. "Island Echoes"

D. "Life Echoes of Ancient Rhythmic Island Voices"

2. What does host Jeff Probst say represents "life" on the island?

A. Fire

B. Water

C. Fish

D. Dental floss

3. Rudy said Dirk's Bible was good for what on the island?

A. Using the pages as toilet paper.

B. Surviving the 39 days on the island.

C. Evening prayers.

D. Balancing on his head so he can continue to walk with the military precision he learned in the Navy Seals.

4. What part of Sean's body is pierced?

A. His ear

B. His nipple

C. His nose

D. His tiny little peabrain

5. What did Jenna name the three chickens won by the Pagong tribe?

A. Huey, Dewey and Louie

B. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

C. Moe, Larry and Curly

D. Crispy, extra-crispy and original recipe

6. What luxury item did 64-year-old B.B. bring on the island?

A. A towel

B. Sunscreen

C. A toothbrush

D. Viagra

7. What did Greg use as a fake telephone?

A. A seashell

B. Sean's toothbrush

C. A coconut

D. His lit tiki torch, but just one horrible time

8. While there are no rocket scientists among the 16 castaways, which one is a chemist?

A. Sean

B. Ramona

C. Stacey

D. Susan

9. The island of Pulau Tiga is 20 miles off the coast of what more famous island?

A. Krakatoa

B. Java

C. Borneo

D. Gilligan's

10. Before hosting "Survivor," Jeff Probst asked questions on what cable quiz show?

A. "Inquizition"

B. "Rock and Roll Jeopardy"

C. "3's a Crowd"

D. "Win Ben Stein's Money"

11. Why was the merged tribe of Tagi and Pagong members called Rattana?

A. It contains the first initials of the surviving castaways.

B. There are lots of rattan trees on the island.

C. There are lots of rattan chairs on the island.

D. Pier One is a major sponsor of the show.

12. Susan had trouble spelling the names of the people she voted off the island. How did she spell Sonja, the first to go?

A. S-o-n-y-a

B. S-a-u-n-a.

C. S-o-u-n-a.

D. G-e-r-v-a-s-e.

13. Which castaway has a beard in the finale, but didn't at the beginning of the show?

A. Richard

B. Rudy

C. Greg

D. Susan

14. Gervase nearly got voted off when he compared women to what?

A. Cows

B. Chicks

C. Kittens

D. Pitchers of warm, flat beer.

15. Greg likened Colleen to what animal?

A. A chick

B. A kitten

C. A puppy

D. Eric Burdon

16. Whose chauvinism helped get him voted off?

A. Greg

B. B.B.

C. Joel

D. Will Mega. (No, wait, he's the guy who got kicked off that other reality show, "Big Brother.")

17. The show hinted that which two castaways had gotten romantic?

A. Colleen and Gervase

B. Colleen and Joel

C. Colleen and Greg

D. Richard and Rudy

18. What glitch on CBS' "Survivor" Web site led some to believe Gervase would win?

A. He was the only castaway without a red X superimposed over his picture.

B. His picture was noticeably larger than the photographs of the other 16 castaways.

C. A synopsis of Episode 13 accidentally was posted.

D. The address of the Web Site is

19. Gervase's girlfriend gave birth to his fourth child the week he was ejected from the island. What's his new son's name?

A. Gervase Jr.

B. Gunner

C. Axel

D. Rattana

20. What is a butok?

A. A beetle larva eaten live by the islanders in a competition.

B. A type of snake found on the island.

C. The type of fish caught most often by Richard.

D. Something the frequently-nude Richard kept flashing in his fellow castaways' faces.

21. What are the words on the official "Survivor" logo?

A. Watch your back

B. Who'll be the last one standing?

C. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

D. Crush, kill, destroy

22. What's the name of the bar where Kelly drank Bud Light with host Jeff Probst after she won last week's reward challenge?

A. Buddy's Place

B. The Survivor Bar

C. Club Borneo

D. Elsa's

23. Sean won a night on a yacht after guessing that drinking which liquid kills intestinal parasites?

A. Saltwater

B. Kerosene

C. Distilled water

D. Bud Light

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I have a hangover.

I do not recommend having six Absolut and tonics on an empty
no matter how much fun you are having at the time.

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