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Saturday, June 12, 2004
A Look Back

Kindergarten, 1971.

I got a note from a set of twins in my class that read,

ADear Grace, we hate you, Love, Greg and Jeff."

I don=t actually remember my response to this hate/love note,
but year after year, my nanny fondly recalled the day that it happened.
She said that she was waiting in her car in front of the school for
class to let out, and moments after the final bell rang, she saw me,
tearing out of the building, down the sidewalk and fling myself into
the backseat of her car, sighing loudly. I then exclaimed,

"They love me!"

I'm pretty sure that it was a Friday, because
by the next day of school, I had completely forgotten about them
and had resumed my obsession with a boy named Paul.
I loved Paul until the 3rd grade. It was then that we moved away,
and during those few years never once did Paul even acknowledge
my existence. Sure, there were many other boys who pulled
my hair and chased me around the classroom, but looking back,
I=m sure that I wasn=t interested in them because they made their
intentions so obvious. Back then, I preferred the challenge, the chase,
the blatant disinterest from my pursuits.

My daughter starts kindergarten this year.  I think it's time for a little
heart to heart talk.  I think I'm going to tell her that boys have cooties.

Posted at 09:53 am by ChefGrace
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Friday, June 11, 2004
X Marks the Spot

For when you are in the mood~
X Rated Cocktails (This is safe to look at while you are at work,
just save the recipes, for the weekend,  mkay?)

From X-Entertainment, here are some great articles~
"Breakfast from Hell"
"The Past in Candy"
"McDonald's Contests and Promos"

(Note, X-Entertainment's blog Trapper Keeper is one of my favorite reads.
Just don't doodle on their site, please.)

And finally, I said I wasn't going to do it, but I lied.
Presenting: Brood X Recipes

Posted at 12:08 pm by ChefGrace
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The X Factor

I'm sure you've all been wondering...  perhaps even worrying,
about today's
Food Friday~ The X Factor. 

Well, truth be told,
The X factor has nothing to do with Big Brother 4,
(nor the so-called *&%$ "twist".) 
It also has nothing to do with the X Factor Diet. [rolls eyes]

What is it then you ask?

That's a very good question.  One that I will answer once I've figured
it out myself  and given my arm some time to heal from all the Extreme
IMing I've been doing this week.  But, you mustn't  concern yourself
with the trivialities of my life, because you have one of your own.
Don't you?

And, today is Food Friday, afterall; a day of nourishing goodness.

Until I feel like it, you may commence your regular Friday duties. 
Just don't forget to come back later for... something. 
I'm just not sure what.

Posted at 12:09 am by ChefGrace
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Thursday, June 10, 2004
Bobbleheads be Damned

First there were rubber ducks,
then there were evil ducks,
now there are Celebriducks.

Go, on! 
Trust the Gorton's Celebriduck!

Posted at 09:46 am by ChefGrace
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Inquiring minds want to know. They really do.

Tomorrow's Food Friday you ask?

Why, it's the letter X... 
X is for The X Factor.

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Posted at 12:10 am by ChefGrace
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