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Thursday, June 17, 2004
No Beans About It

Site Meter is a wonderful tool.
It allows me to see statistics and details
about the visitors that come this this site. 
Most of the people that visit are regulars,
(I love you all!), and some are those who have
stumbled onto these pages by sheer luck, 
(lucky for me, maybe not so lucky for them). 

There are others however who come via
search engine.  These others are searching
for something specific.  Say, if someone were
to Google "Reality TV Whore", they would
be given a list of sites that may pertain to
their search.  Then they might see my site
on that list and clink on my link. 

We call these referrals.  You will notice a list
in my sidebar that is called "The Chef's
Favorite Referrals".  This is where I list
the amusing searches that  result in
people coming to this blog.

I, of course, stole this idea from KatJam,
Kat  also has an amusing list of referrals,
as does Green Tuna.

Nearly every referral that comes here from
a search engine is looking for food related
items.  These searches vary greatly from
photos, to recipes, to chef related queries.

There is one exception, however.

More specifically, Pork N' Beans.

People are coming, daily, in search of
a helping of beans.  With porkin. 
These folks seek bean recipes,
bean pictures, bean stories.
It's a whole bean movement!

So, I thought I'd give them another reason
to visit.  Who knows, with continued interest
I may change the name of my site to
The Pork N' Bean Blog.

Posted at 11:39 am by ChefGrace
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Make a Wish

Happy Birthday



Posted at 12:02 am by ChefGrace
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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
There is no I in Team, but there is an Eat Me

I've an early announcement to make about
Food Friday's theme.

Y is for... You Asked For It.

So, that means that you all have to,
you know, ask for something.

Send me (or leave a comment below)
any questions, ideas, or
recipes that you'd like to see here this Friday. 

I already have a few requests, but I welcome,
no, I demand more!

Just think,
the Food Friday alphabet theme is almost over. 
Hey!  Stop clapping and get back to work!

Posted at 12:11 pm by ChefGrace
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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My apologies to Lifeonhold,
who cannot read her own interview,
(below), without scrolling right and left. 
And to the rest of you who
have pansy-ass monitors.


I'm sorry, folks.  I'm just bummed
that Green Tuna is on vacation. 
Sure, she's still managed a way to
post from the road, but it's never
the same without her. 

I made a Tuna Melt for lunch
today in her honor.

In much more joyous news,
today is Sneak A Kiss day.

Just don't get caught!

Posted at 02:23 pm by ChefGrace
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Monday, June 14, 2004
Spotlight On...

Lifeonhold, who lives with her cat, Honey, and spends entirely too much time Swiffering.   Life celebrates her birthday this week, so be sure to wish her well!

Name: Mary
Age: 52 (until the 17th)
Location: Bridgeport, CT

Are you ever going to take your Life off hold? As soon as I figure out how to do it without leaving my apartment. Is take-out available??

Where were you born? Carbondale, PA on a Father's Day

Your father!  He seems like a very dynamic person.Yes, he's always in motion, including head-first into walls. For five days he's in critical condition with a broken neck, get's a life-saving operation, and now he's back to complaining about the angle of the bedpan without missing a single beat. I can hardly wait for what's next. But seriously, we're relieved, and those of us who practice self-reflection are grateful.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Writer, (but no talent); archeologist (but the dirt, and spiders, and threatening natives!); and travel agent (but now I'd be out of a job). I settled on Chemical Technician as an inexplicable happy medium.

No talent?  I enjoy your writing!  Are you going to be a Big Brother recapper for Hamster Time this season?  I'm going to try to contribute. The lure of the Live Feed/ HT Chat simultaneous activity may be distracting, but I'll participate.

What were mealtimes like for you as a child? I was a child when there was only one TV and it was in the living room so we ate together as a family and actually had rudimentary conversation at the table. Mom was a good cook. As we became teens dinner was a mine field of generational hostilities, but we still ate together.

Do you cook much for yourself? I love cooking for friends, but not so much for myself except occasionally when food becomes a hobby (such as my sushi mini-interest). I need people to feed, otherwise other projects take over.

So, are the rumors true that you are a regular Martha Stewart when it comes to sewing? Bwah!. Do two incomplete quilts qualify? One friend of mine likes to remind me of them sitting in their rubbermaid containers every time I begin rattling off my current projects. Sewing, like cooking hobbies, goes in streaks.
The last few years my projects have been converting all my albums, tapes and CDs into mp3 format and scanning all my family photos... and then there's each summer's Big Brother Live Feed obsession.

Did you ever like any of your school photos? I was not photogenic: had a chipped front tooth, wore glasses, had unfortunate hair, and, um, pimples for a time. One photo out of 12 was ok.

What was your first date like? Unremarkable. I had more success sort of just getting together with guys in informal ways. Formal dates were always awkward, and few.

What is in your vegetable bin? Salad in a bag, celery, red onion, chopped tomatoes. My friends tease me about cleaning and chopping vegetables since I'm always doing it.

Is it a form of therapy for you?

It is relaxing. In years gone by, particularly in fall and winter, I'd listen to Prarie Home Companion while cleaning all my veggies. I like fresh foods.

What color is your car? I have a drab dark green sedan that I bought after my car was stolen in 1997; it is reliable and standard shft, but not really fun to drive. I need a zippy red car along with that life thing.

Are you having a good hair day? No, not since about 2000. My hair is super-fine and has always been a bane; furthermore it has thinned in these past few years.

What is your favorite cologne? None....I'm sensitive to fragrances

What is your middle name? Louise; my parents and sisters called me 'Mary Lou' or 'Lou Lou' until the day I announced at dinner that I was never to be addressed with the 'Lou'; even then I knew it was too Petticoat Junction.

I loved that show! What shows did you like as a girl? Star Trek, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Prisoner, Get Smart, I Spy, The Virginian, Rawhide, Bonanza...there were many, but that was a looong time ago!

What type of books do you like to read? I work my way through Time Magazine most weeks; otherwise I like the occasional novel or book on Catholic/Christian topics, particularly those of a spiritual, as opposed to theological nature such as the writings of the saints.

Um, you didn't mention your favorite blogs! Reading my favorite blogs is like breathing. My only sorrow is that Overg does not blog.

What is your favorite type of cookie? Chocolate chip

Okay, you've gone this whole interview and only mentioned Overg once.  Don't you think people want more?  It's always time for more Overg, but he needs to bring photos of Thumps and Beaker.

It's been a pleasure getting to know you better, Mary!  Give Honey a big hug for me!

Posted at 06:15 am by ChefGrace
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