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Thursday, June 24, 2004
Things 'n stuff

It's finally here.  Z week of Food Friday. 
Anyone have anything better than
zucchini, let me know.  That's all I've got.

Interestingly, I was just thinking about the content
of my blog and how certain themes or subjects are
more popluar than others.  Recipes and food-related
content don't garner much response from the
regular readers here, but those entries are what
generally brings in the people who otherwise wouldn't
know I exist. 

Food Friday has been great fun for me, and I hope
some of you have gotten some enjoyment out of it, 
as well.  I'd like to continue my Food Friday tradition,
though would appreciate any input you might have. 
I hope to soon gather all of the recipes from the archives
of this site and other Food Friday contributors and
compile them in a comprehensive manner.
Until then, I'll just go with it, and see what happens.

I have been tweaking things a bit around here. 
I added a guestmap to the left, just for fun. 
Please put yourself on the map!  Include your
city, and your website, if you'd like.


Posted at 04:27 pm by ChefGrace
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Blog Crew At Work

  Stay back 300 feet


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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Too Many Things About Me

Because I've never copied any of Nance's ideas,
I felt the urge to do so tonight.  Not that I lack
originality, but at this hour, I just don't know where
I left it. 


three things I'm wearing
1. White shirt
2. Blue jeans
3. Red toenail polish

three things currently on my desk
1. Bubbles (with wand)
2. Happy Love Day cards
3. Indianapolis Monthly magazine

three things I want to do before I die
1. Travel abroad
2. See my children succeed
3. Buy a Mercedes convertible

three good ways to describe my personality
1. Loving
2. Fun
3. Happy

three bad things about my personality
1. I'm not willing to admit my flaws
2. (see #1)
3. (ditto)

three things I like about my body
1. eyes
2. lips
3. hands

three things I don't like about my body
1.  earlobes
2.  thighs
3.  big feet

three things most people don't know about me
1. I've never been hopelessly in love
2. I don't like to watch movies alone
3. I used to be a disc jokey

three things I say the most
1. "I love you" (a hundred times a day to my kids)
2. "stop that" (kids again)
3. "asshole!" (while driving)

three places I want to go
1. The south of France
2. Ireland
3. Back to Jamaica

last three things I've eaten today
1.A bowl of Froot Loops
2. A hamburger  
3. That's it!!!  (my reunion is in 3 weeks!)

Posted at 11:51 pm by ChefGrace
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Lucky Me

Many of you know that Big Brother 5 begins
in less than two weeks, and for that I am
very excited.

But, I am even more excited that before then,
on the Fourth of July weekend, I will be driving
up to Grand Rapids, Michigan to meet
Green Tuna and Overg.

I know you are jealous. 
Go ahead and touch me.

I promise to report back with stories of how
funny Tuna really is, and how incredibly
handsome Overg is in person.

Stay tuned for all the details from MittenCon '04!

Posted at 10:10 am by ChefGrace
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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Pick a Pet

The other day, I conducted a poll.  I asked what type
of animal you'd like to see as a pet for the new
season of Big Brother, which resulted in an 8-way tie.
So, to determine the winner, I added an official poll
to the left column of this page.  For those of you
who submitted an idea, be sure to vote for your
choice.  For those who didn't, be sure to vote for my
choice, (a hungry boa constrictor).
I may be posting a new, (Big Brother-related), poll
each week.  Be sure to get over there and vote!

Posted at 11:39 am by ChefGrace
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