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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
You have Houseguests!

Don't walk, run to
to meet the new hamsters.

More on this later!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Woo for Tuesday

I am currently in packing mode.  I take off in an RV
for The Mitten in about 40 hours with my kids and
my ex-in laws.  No, reallly.

I will have a guest blogger or two while I'm gone,
and may even post from the road.

Don't forget to vote in the new poll.  Next week's
poll will have the actual names of the houseguests
from Big Brother 5. 

I'll be cutting my vacation short to return home
to watch Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race
premiers on Tuesday,  trying to hone my
recapping skills as I just got word that I will be
recapping the broadcasts for Finale Week at
hamster time. Woot!

I'll check in again before I go.

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Event Calendar

July is a busy month for me, with a national holiday and several birthdays a few days apart, it pays to be organized.  Here are more fun days to celebrate
July 2004

Canada Day

International Joke Day

Freedom From Cancer Day

Postal Worker Day

I Forgot Day

Violin Lovers Day

Mullet Day

Chocolate Wafer Day

Eat Beans Day

Air Conditioning Day

Fourth Of July

Barbecue Day

Country Music Day

Workaholics Day

Republican Party Day

Chocolate Day

Macaroni Day

Father And Daughter Take A Walk Together Day

Be A Kid Day

Ice Cream Sundae Day

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Omelette Day

Milk Chocolate With Almonds Day

Rock n' Roll Day

Sugar Cookie Day

Teddy Bear's Picnic Day

Intern Appreciation Day

Swimming Pool Day

Blueberry Muffin Day

Cheer Up Day

Simplicity Day

Barn Day

French Fries Day

Puzzle Day

Beans And Franks Day

Bastille Day

Pandemonium Day

Cow Appreciation Day

Pick Blueberries Day

No-Hitter Day

Respect Canada Day

I Love Horses Day

Talk To A Telemarketer Day

District Of Columbia Day

Wrong Way Corrigan Day

Shark Awareness Day

Peach Ice Cream Day

Dental Awareness Day

Chrysanthemum Day

Wiener Day

Bloomer Day

Fortune Cookie Day

Moon Day

Lollipop Day

Chess Day

Monkey Day

Spoonerism Day

Cleveland Day


Ice Cream Cone Day

Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Private Eye Day

Cousins Day

Public Opinion Day

Parents' Day

St. James Day

Act Like A Caveman Day

Carousel Day

Groovy Chicken Day

Americans With Disabilities Day

Aunt And Uncle's Day

Coffee Milkshake Day


St. Pantaleone's Day

Hamburger Day

Cheese Lovers Day

Accountant's Day


Rain Day

Final Frontier Day

System Administrator Appreciation Day

Cheesecake Day

Kiss Your Car Day

Father-In-Law Day

Jump For Jellybeans Day

Cotton Candy Day

Patent Day

Full Moon Day

Raspberry Cake Day

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Sunday, June 27, 2004
Spotlight On...

TVJunkie, woman of many aliases.TVJ lives with her cat,
Shiba and spends free time trying to get her Spike action
figure past airport security

Name:  Lisa? (no it’s not) Lucy? (that’s a lie)
Lilah? (not even close) Laquisha? (yeah, right)
Layla? (in my dreams) *looks suspiciously at Grace*
Why? What’s it worth to you? Huh? Are you with the IRS?
Trying to steal my identity to fund your girl robot?
Ok, then .. my real name is …. OVERG!

Age:  40 (notice how I have no problem admitting my age?)

Location:  Sunny Southern California

Where were you born? 
Cloudy and overcast Southern California.
Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t know what the weather was like.
I was born just days after JFK was assassinated.
I’m still convinced that the drama of it all put my mom
into labor. Then again, I was also sure I had sat on my
Grandpa’s knee as a child – even though he died a few
months before I was born (and we shared the same birthday).
Soooooooooo….. *insert spooky music here*

I know how much you love Vegas. 
What's the most you've ever won?

Maybe, one out of every 6 trips or so – I seem to win enough
to pay for the trip, so if I break even and don't have to hit the ATM,
I consider it a success. Hey! Now that I think of it .. I can’t
remember my last winning trip. Grrrrr… As for single jackpots ..
I’ve won ..maybe $500.00 on one slot machine.

Would you ever live there? 
Only if Blurry would move there with me.
I’ve wanted to live there for years. I even
wanted to go to UNLV when I was in High School. Besides,
that dry desert heat is good for the ar-thur-i-tis. ;-)

What did you want to be when you grew up?  
A Mafia Princess. Seriously. No lie. I wanted to be
Kay Corleone .. until I got older and realized she was a dip-shit.
(How could she NOT know Michael was the head of the family?
 Dumbass.) Then I wanted to be Michael Corleone.
But he’s a guy .. so that was a bit of a problem. So I decided
I’d be a Mafia Mistress .. Michael Corleone’s girlfriend.
Yeah. That’s what I wanted to be. As a matter of fact,
that still sounds good to me.  Find some nice guy, have a
few laughs, he pays the bills, comes over a couple of times
a week, doesn’t spend the entire night, out of my hair by morning
….. huh. That may explain a lot about me and relationships,
now that I think about it.


What were mealtimes like for you as a child? 
Oddly enough, I don’t remember much about mealtime–
I may have blocked some of my childhood memories out –
what with all the rituals and animal sacrifices and stuff.
I do, however, remember that we almost always had fried rice
as a side dish and frequently sautéed bean sprouts.
I don’t like either of those food items to this day.

If you could have breakfast in bed with James Marsters,
that would it consist of
Wow. Hmmm. Uh .. is there a parental warning on your blog?
So many really inappropriate things I could say here. 
Would he talk to me in that English accent?  Heh.
I suppose he would if I asked really nicely.
Lalalala .. Um .. I .. uh .. I’ll be right back.

Later that evening (click to link)


Did you ever like any of your school photos? 
Yeah, I liked my 12th grade photo. I look so damn innocent.


(Incidentally, my boyfriend liked that about me, too.) ;) 

What was your first date like? 
Lordy! Talk about taking a trip in the Way-Back Machine.
If memory serves (and I’m old, so I may be wrong)
I went on a double-date with a friend. We went to see
"Gone In 60 Seconds" (no, not the one with Nic Cage, sheesh!).


What about your best date ever?
See photo in link above.


What is in your vegetable bin? 
Vegetable bin? What the hell is a vegetable bin?
Hey! Check it out! I checked my fridge
(the vegetable bin is The one that says  
"cool and crisp" .. right? I have asparagus!
And corn on the cobb. Well, I had asparagus and 
corn on theCobb .. I sorta ate it. Now I have nothing
in there.
*smacks lips*
*picks teeth*

What color is your car? 
It’s a sort of sandy-tan-ish color with brown fenders.

Like this:




Do you ever drive yours on the beach like that?
No! That would involve effort .. and post beach cleaning.
I’m no Overg, I can barely keep my apartment tidy.
And I don’t like to iron. So, post beach cleaning is OUT!

Are you having a good hair day? Mmmmm…not really.
I give it another 15 minutes before I get aggravated and put it
up in a clip or something. But, at least it’s better than 8th grade
and my Liza Minnelli haircut. Yikes!



What is your favorite perfume? I don’t like really heavy,
flowery perfumes. I prefer to slather myself in heavy, flowery
body washes and lotions. Not really. I rarely use perfume,
when I do, it’s usually something like 4711.
(But I do LOVE Bath & Body Works "Cool Citrus Basil" –
which has naturally been discontinued.)


What is your middle name? 
Like I said .. how much moolah you got?
Actually .. it’s .. uh .. BLURRY!


What type of books do you like to read? 
Oh, yeah. Here’s a surprise. I like horror
(King, Koontz, Bentley Little) and I like funny
(Christopher Moore, Bill Fitzhugh) for the most part –
but I do venture off into Chick Lit, Biography, Non-Fiction,
True Crime, uh .. pretty much anything, I guess.



What is your favorite type of cookie?  
Chocolate Chip –
I flove those damn Nestle Break-And-Bake cookies!


Have you mastered your new BBQ grill yet?
YEEEEEEEEES! (as far as I’m concerned)
I’ve used it TWO whole times. Woot! Yay me!


Who would you like to see featured on the next Spotlight? 
Well, with BB5 right around the corner .. and HamsterTime
getting really active again.. Tsylyst has re-emerged from
wherever he was hiding. I’d love to learn more about him.

Thanks TVJ!  This was great fun!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004
Pet Poll Results

Here are are the results from last week's poll~

Which pet would you like to see in the
    Big Brother house this season?

Which Pet  Submitted by   # of votes  % of  votes
Pit Bull  TVJunkie   10  28% 
Scorpion  Gforce   10  28%
Boa Constrictor  Grace    5  14%
Bunny  Teem    3   8%
Wolvobragon  Overg    3   8%
Kitty  SiandaAm    2   6%
Ophelia the  Pig  Lifeonhold    2   6%
Man-Eating Shark  KatJam    1   3%

It was obvious to me that some people
cheated on this poll.
It was also obvious that Kat Jam didn't.

Posted at 06:30 pm by ChefGrace
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