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Monday, July 05, 2004
Spotlight On...

 Tsylyst, a  Hoosier, who recently graduated from college, but secretly wants to be a mafia princess. 
Here's a picture of Tsy with his girlfriend.

Name:  Corey McMaken
Age: 22
Location:  Fort Wayne, Ind.


Where were you born? Fort Wayne, Ind.

What posessed you to leave Ft. Wayne to go to Evansville for college? It was as far away from my family as I could get without paying out-of-state tuition. The University of Evansville also has one of the few B.F.A. in Creative Writing programs in the country.

What did you want to be when you grew up? An out-of-work college graduate.  Wait, that's what I am now...  I think I wanted to be an actor before I realized you had to memorize stuff. Then there were dreams of something to do with art, but I'm more of the conceptualizer than the actual artist.  Of course, I also wanted to be a writer, and that ended up as one of my two majors -- the other being history.

So, you are looking for a job now, right?  How far are you willing to move? Yeah, I'm looking for a job in journalism and am willing to move anywhere in the United States or Western Europe to get one. 

What were mealtimes like for you as a child? My mother isn't much of a cook, so there was often takeout involved.  She would, however, make me breakfast every morning before school -- she knows her eggs. Later in my youngsterhood, I started to cook for myself and eat in front of the TV while watching Star Trek.  Yes, I was/am/will be a dork.

Which Star Trek? At the time it was Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I've followed up to some degree with all of the others, and almost every mainstream SciFi television show. 

Did you ever like any of your school photos? My school photos go through two periods. The first is the ďwoundedĒ phase which includes missing teeth, bruises, black eyes and scabs.  The second phase picks up in about fourth grade when I discovered the joy of funky Ď90s backgrounds such as spotlights, neon shapes and checkerboards. They were all the rage back in the day and I floved them at the time, just like I loved the Sally Jesse Raphael look-a-like eyeglasses Iím sporting in most of those pictures.

Were you a band geek? No.  I failed to inherit my family's musical talents.  I can't even play the tamberine properly, let alone march in a line.   But I am a social geek at heart.

What was your first date like? My first actual date wasnít until high school when I took a girl to see a movie that her friend who worked at the theatre snuck us into for free. After that, I took her to Steak Ďní Shake where I was employed and got a discount on our malts.  I think my current girlfriend would agree that I gave up being thrifty after I discovered alcohol.

Rumor has it that you like to karaoke.  What are some of your favorite songs to perform? I do like karaoke, though anyone who says I perform is a liar. I didn't inherit the singing talent from my family either. That said, my theme song is Radiohead's "Creep."  I also tend to stick with Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," Blink 182's "Adam's Song" or anything by Matchbox Twenty.

  Here I'm singing "Summer Nights" with my friend, Jennifer.

What is in your vegetable bin? Beef stick, a cheese ball, some bottles of water and a cup of pudding.  I do eat veggies, I just use them as soon as I buy them.

What color is your car? My í95 Taurus is forest green on the inside and outside.  I named it J.C. Ė the initials for Jenky Crap because it likes to screw around with my wallet.

Are you having a good hair day? Lordy no.  I am in major need of a trim.  That will help hide the fact my temples are already gray.  My great grandmother went white at 30 and Iím well on my way to joining her.

What is your favorite cologne? Depends what Iím wearing.  If Iím wearing the color blue, I wear Candies for men. If Iím wearing green, I wear Lucky You for men.  If Iím wearing something formal, I wear Líeau DíIssey Pour Homme or Decleor.  Chrome, Grey Flannel and Aspen also rotate their way in.  If I had to choose a universal favorite it would be Acqua di Gio, but I donít own any right now.

What is your middle name? Allen.  That was supposed to be my first name, but after I was born my mother decided she didnít want people to call her son ďAl.Ē  Because of her, my name got changed from Allen Russell to Corey Allen.  While I would have rather stuck with the original, I suppose I owe her some thanks from saving me from the initials ďARM.Ē

What type of books do you like to read? I lurve me some cookbooks.  I just finished one about baking, and now Iím starting in on one about Italian food.  If I donít have any cookbooks lying around, anything history or science fiction will foot the bill.

What is your favorite type of cookie? I donít like to eat cookies, but I my favorite cookies to bake are cream cheese spirals.

TVJ recently called you a meterosexual.  What are your thoughts on that? You should hear what I recently called TVJ...  Though I don't think I dress the part well enough, I would say by all definitions I'm familiar with that would be correct.  I think metrosexuals are the wave of the future, if we just band together and destroy all the rednecks, we'll be well on our way.

Who would you like to see featured on the next Spotlight?   Well, TanMarie has some incriminating photos of me so Iím hoping that picking her will fulfill the terms of the blackmail.

Thanks for playing along, Tsy!  Good luck with your job search.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Ooooohhhh Aaaaahhhhh

Happy Independence Day!

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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Blurry Speak

OnlineHost:  blurryv1510n has entered the room.

blurryv1510n:  Fat Coughing Guy was especially coughy today.
blurryv1510n:  I'm tempted to call his work number and leave an entire
message of nothing but coughing sounds.

blurryv1510n:  Crushes are brutal.

blurryv1510n:  I would kiss my cat, too...
blurryv1510n:  ...IF I HAD A CAT.

blurryv1510n:  I'd treat a kitty just like the Live Feeds...   I'd get tired
of it after a week, and shove it under the couch.

 I wonder if Prozac would fix me up.

blurryv1510n:  Just say no.

blurryv1510n:  I love food.   I love to cook it and eat it and digest it and
smoosh it all over my face.

blurryv1510n:  So...   are we all looking forward to the Worst Day Of The
Year tomorrow?

blurryv1510n:  Valentine's Day, of course.


blurryv1510n:  Crap...   someone knocked over my recycle bin.
blurryv1510n:  There's icons all over my desktop
blurryv1510n:  *arms himself with a recycle-bin-gremlin BFG*

blurryv1510n:  I've saved 3 hours of Survivor on 1 CD before.
blurryv1510n:  *barf*

blurryv1510n:  @:[
blurryv1510n:  That's me with a turban.

blurryv1510n:  *streeeetch*

blurryv1510n:  I moved out of my 2nd apartment because it was getting to
expensive, and they kept jacking up the rent
 I'm gonna move out of this one because...   well, this place

blurryv1510n: <--- is never giving his mom grandkids
blurryv1510n: Good think I don't drink, then!
blurryv1510n: Yeah, and then I'd tell my mom that I'm gonna be a dad, and she'll be like, "Don't lie to me, you sexless loser!"

blurryv1510n:  What is so great aboot auto racing?   "Oh, look, the guy
is driving."   2 hours later, "The guy is still driving!   Pass the

blurryv1510n:  Oh, yay.   $114 electric bill.
blurryv1510n:  *turns the heat in the bathroom off*

blurryv1510n:  When have I ever left before everyone else?
blurryv1510n:  I don't disappear, I lurk.

blurryv1510n:  *burp*

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Friday, July 02, 2004
Cheesy Ass Fourth of July Recipes

Poor Man's Barbeque Sauce

A White Trash Recipe

Servings: 2

Time: 3 minutes


  • 5-6 packets ketchup
  • 2-3 packets hot sauce
  • 1 packet soy sauce
  • 1 packet of sugar
  • 1 packet of mustard
  • 1 packet of salt
  • 1 packet of pepper

Mix all ingredients together and let stand for approximately 15 minutes or longer.  Slather onto hot dogs or Spam.

This can also be used for basting or marinating beef, chicken, pork or cooked sausage.

Patriotic Parfaits

2 cups boiling water, divided

1 pkg. (4-serving size) Jello Brand Gelatin, any red flavor

1 pkg. (4-serving size) Jello Brand Berry Blue Flavor Gelatin

2 cups cold water, divided

1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed

STIR 1 cup boiling water into each flavor gelatin in separate bowls at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Stir 1 cup cold water into each bowl. Pour into separate 8-inch square pans.

REFRIGERATE 4 hours or until firm. Cut each pan into 1/2-inch cubes. Layer alternating flavors of gelatin cubes and whipped topping into 8 dessert glasses.

Flag Cake

2 pt. strawberries
1 pkg. (12 oz.) frozen pound cake, thawed, cut into 14 slices
1-1/3 cups blueberries, divided
1 tub (12 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed

SLICE 1 cup of the strawberries; set aside. Halve remaining strawberries; set aside.
LINE bottom of 13x9-inch baking dish with cake slices. Top with sliced strawberries and 1 cup of the blueberries. Spread whipped topping evenly over berries
PLACE strawberry halves and remaining 1/3 cup blueberries on whipped topping to create a flag design. Refrigerate until ready to serve

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Buh Bye!

I am officially on vacation ...

TVJunkie is the guest chef
for this week's Food Friday.
Come back tomorrow
and enjoy her recipes for  
A Cheesy Ass 4th of July

(Don't forget to stock up
on pork 'n beans and Jello!)

Posted at 11:40 am by ChefGrace
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