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Thursday, August 12, 2004
Spotlight On.... ME!

Overg turned the tables on me for this week's spotlight!

The above picture of Grace and Overg was taken
on the 4th of July by Green Tuna,
who's interview you can see here next week!

Grace George


Indianapolis, IN

Name the members of your household (including pets) from tallest to shortest. Myself, Alexandra (daughter), Jacob (son), Sally (cat), Bee (cat), Alex III, (fish)

Where were you born?
About 5 miles from here

*Builds shrine in Indianapolis*

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to own my own greenhouse.

Rumor has it you know a thing or two about plants and flowers, and may even have a couple in your yard. . .  Yes, I have a couple...hundred flowers in my front yard alone.  Before I started talking to you every waking minute, I used to spend a lot of time out there. 

What were mealtimes like for you as a child?
We sat down for every meal, we prayed, we ate a big ole meat and potatoes dinner then dessert. We had to be asked to be excused when we were done. Then we had to do the dishes.

Did you ever do any of the cooking? Yes, a lot of it once I was able to reach the stove. 

Did you ever like any of your school photos?
Some were good, some were bad. Does the word "re-take" ring a bell?

I hear there may be some reunion photos coming our way soon.  When can we look forward to seeing you put your classmates to shame?  I did get a few pics back, but they're all blurry pictures of drunk people. Plus I'm having issues with the computer that my scanner is connected to. So, perhaps never.

What was your first date like?
I can't even remember my last date


Did you ever really find out what sex is like?
No, wait, that was your follow up question to me.

What is in your vegetable bin?
 [goes to look]
salad-in-a-bag, something I can't identify, and a bag of cedar shavings

Now, we originally started this interview almost two months ago.  Please tell me all of those things aren't still there.  [goes to look again]  Now there are two things I can't identify and a bag of cedar shavings.

What color is your car? I don't have a car, but my van is gold

Are you having a good hair day?
My hair is still wet, so it's too soon to tell
although given that it's 100% humid, chances are slim.

What is your favorite cologne?
Whatever Overg is wearing.

*runs out to buy some of that*
right now, I believe that would be "fresh cut grass"


And your favorite movie? "Arthur".  Would you like to see it with me sometime?

Only if I provide the vcr. 

What is your middle name? Eileen.

Nothing that starts with a "G"?  I wish!  Then my initials would be "GGGG", baby!

What type of books do you like to read?
History, biographies, and Women Who Love Too Much.

What is your favorite type of cookie?
Chocolate chip. I mean, really~ is there any other kind?

You've gone the whole time and only once mentioned me. There might be someone, somewhere, that doesn't know you find me dreamy. And with a great ass!
They better not find you, or I'll have to get all screechy!

Are you the jealous type?  Only when it comes to handsome, rouge drifters.

Awwww, thanks.  And thank you for all of your readers, who I know have been dying to put the spotlight on you ever since you started this series.    OOXX

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Blurry's FIVE Random Bookmarks. Er, Make That Six.

Posted at 11:20 pm by ChefGrace
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More Mitten Madness

For the many of you who asked~ Yes, Overg and I had a great time together this weekend!  
We met in Battle Creek, Michigan, which we determined to be almost exactly halfway.  I beat him home by 5 minutes, so it was nice to know that we can drive the same distance and be together within a few hours.  Our time together passed too quickly, of course, but we were able to enjoy the time we did have.  One of the highlights was watching Big Brother together.  Another highlight was supposed  to be sharing my favorite movie with him, but my dang VCR didn't want to play nice, so we had to go with Plan B.  Not that I cared~ I was perfectly content just to be there with him.

We spent some time on Sunday driving around Battle Creek.  I got to see where Tony the Tiger lives, (very near the adult bookstore), and we checked out the arboretum there, where we spent some time walking in the gardens and enjoying the flora and fauna.  Afterward, we spent entirely too much time looking for a place to eat that didn't have a drive-though, and then after a cozy meal together, decided to go find something fun to do.  We found a place that had a few options, but since Overg knew that I'd beat him on the go-karts, we opted for mini-golf.  From that experience I learned that I will not let him keep score in the future, and I need to bring a spare golfball.  They never did find the one I lost.

The drive home was long and lonely, but I took comfort in knowing that he's flying down next month to spend a few days with me here.  At MY house!  I guarantee we won't be playing any mini-golf.  Although, I do know of a really good go-kart track.

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Monday, August 09, 2004
Photo Op

Here is a picture of Overg and me on our way to lunch.
This was before I kicked his butt in mini-golf.

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Sunday, August 08, 2004
Reasons Not To Play Mini-Golf With Overg Ever Again

1.) He got the superior red golf ball that didn't get stuck
2.) He refused to let the attendant use his
     club to fish out my ball from under a rock
3.) He claims that he tried to let me win
4.) He cheats

Posted at 11:48 am by ChefGrace
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