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Monday, August 23, 2004
Spotlight On..

Her personality may still be living in the 80's,
but I still love her.

Riki.  I thought about not answering that,
then I realized I used to have my blog signed with it,
so there's no hiding it, I guess. 

Age: 35 (wow...when did THAT happen?)

Location: Northwest Arkansas, for now. 
I have lived in 6 different houses/states in about
4 years, so who knows where I might be next month.
Where were you born? Belton, MO, at an Air Force Base. 
Yep, a military brat, that's me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A disc jockey.  For as long as I can remember, that was it. 
I didn't make it as one, but I married one!
What did you end up doing? I am sort of a jill-of-all-trades,
mostly some form of administrative assisting, although I have
done customer service also.   I'm all about helping people
and making their lives easier.  (no sarcasm there, I swear!)

What were mealtimes like for you as a child?
Oh gosh, that's a long ways back.  I'm sure I was probably
causing trouble for my sisters, 'cause I'm the baby. 
I seem to recall some TV trays also...we were pretty casual.
TV Trays!  Did you eat TV dinner on them? 
Yeah, but they were usually those big family size meals,
like the salisbury steak with 6 little patties
and enough gravy to float a pontoon.

Did you ever like any of your school photos? 
Actually, there are a couple that I do like. 
HATE! my senior picture, though. 
Never borrow a dress from your mother for your senior pictures. 
Unless I'm your mom, 'cause I'm cool.
What was your first date like? I was a bit, um,
rambunctious when I was a teenager, so I don't think I
really had a "first date".  It was usually a group of us
running around together.
I know everyone would be interested to hear the story
about how you and your husband met and ended up together.  
Well, he was working a radio station in Abilene, TX and put an ad
on Yahoo personals to have something to talk about on the air. 
I saw the ad on Christmas night of 2000 and knew he was meant
for me...he talked about liking romantic comedies and being a
homebody, and he was a DJ, so obviously he liked music...WOW! 
But, I happened to be living near Amarillo, which is oh, about 300
miles away.  I decided to answer his ad anyway, and we started
chatting, IM'ing, and staying on the phones for hours.  We would
alternate weekends to drive to see each other and that got old
pretty quick, so we decided that I would move down there (I had
been through a divorce not long before that, and was ready for a
change of scenery).  So, in March 2001, I moved to Abilene and
we lived together until we decided to make it legal in March 2003
(03/03/03, to be exact, in cool is that!), and we are
still as stupidly crazy in love as we ever were. 
So I guess the moral to my story is, "God Bless The Internet!" 

Aww, Yay!

Do you have any pets? Um, yeah.  5 of them.  3 dogs
(Sam- Yellow Lab, Houston-Black Lab/Rottweiler mix, and
Roxie-Heinz 57), and 2 cats (Alex-14 years old and the world's
most well traveled feline, and Louie-the teenager's 1 year old "baby")

What is in your vegetable bin?  Um, some rapidly decaying salad,
and an onion.  Pretty sad.
Do you cook much? Actually, since my hubby was a bachelor
for so long, he doesn't mind cooking, so it's pretty equally divided. 
He makes a mean Tombstone!   

What color is your car? Navy blue.  It's pretty.

Are you having a good hair day? Meh.  My bangs look weird
today and I need to color again...damn gray hairs! 
(edit: I bought hair color at Wallyworld today!  No more grays!)

What is your favorite perfume? I love perfume and cologne...
you know how some people are super sensitive to it and get
all freaky about it?  Not me.  If it smells pretty, I want it!  My
all time favorite is called Cachet.  The only place I can find it
is Wal-Mart.  It's kind of embarrassing, 'cause I never hear of
anyone else wearing it, so it might be a grandma perfume, but
I looove it.  I get lots of compliments about it, too, so it must
not be too bad.  ((Dang!  That's a lot of stuff about perfume!))
Is Walmart your store of choice? Not so much choice,
but necessity.  Just got back from there as a matter of fact. 
I  love that I can get everything I need from hamburger to air
filters there, but I hate the crowds.

What is your middle name? Same as yours.  Freaky, huh?
Who are you calling Freaky?

What type of books do you like to read? Romance.  I'm a girly
girl when it comes to that kinda stuff.  Love Jude Devereaux,
Nora Roberts, etc...
What about television shows? I am all about reality TV. 
Love Survivor, AI, TAR, and of course, Big Brother. 
I also really like Scrubs and will miss Friends this year. 
What is your favorite type of cookie? I love all cookies pretty
much equally, but a really good oatmeal raisin or white chocolate
macadamia nut will make me happy for days.
Who would you like to see win Big Brother 5? I'm not totally
crazy about anyone who's still there.  I loved Will!  But if I have to
pick, I guess Marvin...however, my biggest fear is that Cryboy,
the stupid redneck will mushmouth his way to the finals.
Who would you like to see featured on the next Spotlight? 
Buffy! Because she's funny and she drinks Coors Light. 

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

My Daughter: Mom, my drink has a little piece of ice in it.
Me:  It's called a "sliver" of ice.
My Daughter:  "sliver"?!  Grandma used to make you eat that
when you were a little girl, and you thought it was yucky!
Me: Haha...  do you mean "liver"?
My Daughter: Yeah!  We don't like that that, do we?
Me: No honey, and I promise never to make you eat any.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Buffy Says

OnlineHost:  buffyvol1 has entered the room.
buffyvol1:  If you guys are waiting from something
exciting to happen, I guess you need to run me off. 
As soon as I leave, all HELL will break loose!
buffyvol1:  I miss everything
buffyvol1:  If I had a blog, the entries would look like this....
buffyvol1:  Read Gracies blog, read tsy' blog
buffyvol1:  yelled at kids
buffyvol1:  cleaned up dog poo
buffyvol1:  People alway mistake me for Dolly Parton. 
I don't see it!
buffyvol1:  my boobs are WAY bigger than hers!
buffyvol1:  fart
buffyvol1:  booger
buffyvol1:  puke
buffyvol1:  *a lame attempt to corrupt blurry*
buffyvol1:  poor innocent Burry
buffyvol1:  How embarrassing to not be a very good slut
buffyvol1:  We can name our band that
buffyvol1:  We're the bad slut twins!
buffyvol1:  *flute solo by buffy*

 Is it bad that I have 4 "Silver Bullets"
in a cooler here because the fridge is in another room?
buffyvol1:  I love Duct tape!
buffyvol1:  I love blurry!
buffyvol1:  I love Randy Johnson!
buffyvol1:  Speaking of love being in the air,  I got a
Clorox Ready Mop today and I love it
buffyvol1:  ighgui8ju
buffyvol1:  Jersey! Get off the computer!
buffyvol1:  Alison carries Donnie's dick in her purse
buffyvol1:  I'm about to cry, but then I've had
4 Coors Lights so far
buffyvol1:  *sniff*
buffyvol1:  There's a tear in my beer
buffyvol1:  *opens 5th beer*
buffyvol1:  It hasn't rained in 7 years, but let me try
to move and we get a monsoon
buffyvol1:  If my cable goes out someone will die!
buffyvol1:  I don't care if he has a pencil dick. I love him
buffyvol1:  oh, you guys actually go to the toilet
while BB is on?  I just keep a chamber pot by the computer.
buffyvol1:  I'm a crab
buffyvol1:  I dated a Gemini once.  Worst year of my life
buffyvol1:  Later I find out crabs should run screaming
from twins
buffyvol1:  My experience with dating a Gemini consisted
of a lot of cheating and crying
buffyvol1:  the crying was my role

buffyvol1:  I leave one night and Blurry gets hit on
and everyone else goes crazy!

 I'm a lover, not a fighter.
buffyvol1:  we don't use glasses around here, 
we just cup our hands
buffyvol1:  we had a cat that killed a mole everynight
and dumped it in the dogs water bucket.  Every morning 
we'd dump the water and out came a sleek and shiney dead mole.
buffyvol1:  I've heard of it, but I refuse to get excited
about it.  I was excited about the Swiffer, then realize
I'd still have to actually clean with it
buffyvol1:  Well, the 10 yr old jut came in to say the
12 yr old was trying to kill him.  I guess I have to go. Night all

OnlineHost:  buffyvol1 has left the room.

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Friday, August 20, 2004
Pure as the Driven Snow

Overg and I decided to take an online purity test the other evening, and compare scores.
Our results were very similar, proving again how compatible we are.

Here is the test we took. 

I haven't posted my test score yet, but if you show me yours, I'll show you mine.

There are a few questions that may confuse you, but feel free to cheat. 
[glances at Overg]

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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Mo' Blurryisms

blurry:  Wow, there hasn't been this many people here since the last time there was this many people here.

blurry:  I'd sell my soul for spaghetti right now.

blurry:  Cats like cat food.

 hmmmm, these Lean Pockets are rather bland.   I guess I should've eaten them after I bought them 3 months ago
blurry:  *gobbles up the cheese that fell on the floor like Dr. Zoidberg*

 I've kissed a girl named Karen before.     *deep sigh*
blurry:  9 years ago next month.   Yes, I remember the month and year it happened.
blurry:  And if I try real hard, I can figure out the exact day it happened.
blurry:  I gave her my e-mail address and home address, but she never contacted me.
blurry:  She hooked up with another guy at the same get-together.  
blurry:  Is it wrong that I'm still haunted by that 9 years later?
I haven't kissed anyone in 7 years, 6 months
blurry:  Blurry: Behind The Recapping

 When you read TEEM's recaps, you achieve inner peace

 I have rippling muscles...   under my flab.

 Yea, where is Grace?   GRAAAAACE!   Come hear me be depressed!
blurry:  Stuipd flies.
blurry:  They make me so mad I can't even spell "stupid" correctly.
blurry:  They're flying all over my monitor.   But I kill one, and
another one takes it place.   It's like an infinite loop!

 The idiot HGs are talking about dancing and learning to dance and wanting to take a class on dancing.   What a bunch of losers who suck.
blurry:  <--- hated the 70s...
blurry:  The 80s sucked, too...
blurry:  because I was in grade school in the 80s, and it was horrible.
blurry:  my hair looked like Moe from the Three Stooges

blurry:  Look, 32 is old.   It's just that 38 or 53 or 98 or whatever
age you are is much older!
blurry:  I have gray hair and a little tubby toy that I guess is a
blurry:  "Jumped the shark".    I hate that term so very very much.

 She tossed a coin in her head.   It was heads on both sides.


 *does the Booya Dance Of Joy around the apartment*

blurry:  I wish I had some imitation crab with dipping sauce.

 hmmmmm...   I need to print out something, but I don't have a printer.

 I'm pretty sure I was funny today.

OnlineHost:  blurryv1510n has left the room.

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