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Friday, September 14, 2007
Spotlight On Magpie

It's going on three years since my last Spotlight interview.  What better way to kick off a new round of interviews, than with the Hamster Time Admin-extrodinaire~ Magpie?!


Age: depressingly close to being twice Tsy's age

Location:  *locks the doors and windows*

Where were you born? In Missouri, in the same town that gave the world Santino (Project Runway). I'm pretty sure we're not related, alas.

Ever been anyplace exotic? Mexico City. Hey, Volkwagen bugs driving around with snowmen on the roofs is pretty damn exotic in my opinion.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I wasn't so much into planning ahead when I was a kid, so I don't recall ever realizing I was going to have to actually work someday. In high school, I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, but that didn't work out so well since it was "men only" at the time.

What were mealtimes like for you as a child? My mom didn't work outside the home, so we always had the family gathered around the table for some home cooking. There may have been some incidents involving my brother and some fork poking, but let's pretend that we were well-behaved.

What about mealtimes now? Well, I do work outside of the home, so there is not too much of the home cooking going on. The good folks at Taco Bell are responsible for quite a few of our meals.

Did you ever like any of your school photos? Umm, maybe one of them. Maybe. Cameras scare me.

What was your first date like?  I don't remember the date itself, but I do remember my next door neighbor and her friend, who were in the same class as my date, waiting outside to watch and giggle when he kissed me goodnight. Bitches!

Tell us something amusing about Mr.Magpie. Hmm, that's probably not a great idea...but check the
Pets thread on HT for photos of my cat. She loves attention!

What is in your vegetable bin? A potato and some grated cheese, I think. They may have disintegrated since I last checked in there.

What color is your car? Forest green metallic

Are you having a good hair day? It's still attached to my head, so yeah, pretty good

What is your favorite perfume? None, it all makes me itch. Smelling it on other people makes me itch, too. Get away from me.

I know you love blowing wads of cash on makeup.  Any other splurges you indulge in? I have a fairly pricey handbag collection, but I'm over that phase so haven't added anything new to it in about a year. Do you know how many MAC lipsticks you can buy for the price of a Marc Jacobs bag?

What is your middle name? Jean

What type of books do you like to
read? Currently, my favorites include the "Stephanie Plum" books by Janet Evanovich and J.D. Robb's "In Death" series. I am pretty much a charter member of, and I read constantly. Mostly fluffy stuff, but that shouldn't be surprising considering my taste in TV shows.

What did you watch as a kid? Back in the old days, before there was cable, we watched whatever the three networks had to offer and we liked it! 

What is your favorite type of cookie?  I'm not a big fan of sweets, but Double Stuf Oreos are OK.

So, what brought you to HT? I started watching BB during season 6. I read about HT on another board, wandered over to ezboard to check it out, and got hooked on reading the recaps. One weekend, the feeds were free for some reason, so I decided to give recapping a whirl. "Free feeds" are like crack, you know, and I've been feed-watching and loitering on HT (and occasionally recapping) ever since.  

Who would you like to see featured in the next spotlight interview? Beehoppy!

Yay! I was totally hoping you'd say that.  If not, I'd have had to fudge this part;)

Thanks for letting us know more about the Mysterious Magpie!

Posted at 09:29 am by ChefGrace
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You know~  having two instant message conversations going at the same time can be dangerous.  Like, when you're talking to your friend about a certain Big Brother houseguest, and you accidentally type in the wrong window.

Yeah.  Try explaining THIS to your husband:

Me: although it could have been half as long
Me: a little Dick goes a long way

*slaps forehead*

Posted at 11:55 am by ChefGrace
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Oh, Snap!

I've gotten a couple of requests for a picture of me in my current enlarged state, so here's one of Bee and me.

Be nice!

Posted at 09:24 am by ChefGrace
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Just, wow.

I was browsing Ebay, as I often tend to do, and stumbled upon this ad.

It's a listing on how to Become Invisible and Walk Unseen Among People and Crowds.

Good gosh~  what have I been missing all these years?  And not only can I do it, so can 10 of my closest friends.  That's right, there are 11 available.

There is one catch, though.  This is for MORAL purposes only.

I may have to re-think this purchase.

Posted at 04:56 pm by ChefGrace
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Monday, September 10, 2007
It's a Girl!

Posted at 05:04 pm by ChefGrace
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