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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Spotlight On...

Mensch.  A woman of many tastes and talents.  And frequent flier  miles.
Age:  32 (I'll be 33 on the 14th!)
Location:  Silver Spring, MD (but home is the Mitten)
Where were you born?  Middle of the Mitten (Lansing, MI)
You recently moved from Michigan to the D.C. area for your new job, what do you like about your new home?   
DC does have a few things going for it (in spite of crack-addicted former mayors).  I love the museums and how easy it is to get to places like Philly and the Eastern Shore.  I'm also developing a serious passion for Annapolis and the funky bookstores of D.C.  And I also like the Metro - public transportation doesn't suck.

What do you miss about Michigan? 
I miss elephant ears, driving fast in the left lane, low humidity, Indian summer, Meijer, cider mills, Sunday brunch with the gang, Sunday dinners with the family and the cottage.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  A lawyer.  But then I got to college and HATED the advisor (he looked like a cross between Cousin It and Jabba the Hut).  So now I work in nonprofit after touring a handful of other professions.

What were mealtimes like for you as a child?  Really very "Leave it to Beaver".  We all ate dinner together, around a table.  Mom is a great cook and Dad would randomly quiz us from the dictionary.  Ok, that sounds dorky.  But it was fun.
I know that you enjoy fine dining and gourmet foods.  How much cooking do you do yourself?  Do you have any signature dishes? 
With my travel schedule, I haven't had a chance to cook in ages.  However, I make a mean cheese fondue.  Truth be told, I love to cook but only really like to do so for a crowd.  The daily stuff is boring so I tend to eat very simple things at home. 

Did you ever like any of your school photos?  I hate all photos of me.
What was your first date like?  My first real date was to Homecoming my freshman year of high school.  I went with my best friend's older brother.  It was meh.

What is in your vegetable bin?  Nothing.  I've been on the road for work since the beginning of August.
You are a fountain Coke aficionado.  Where is your favorite place to buy one?
 McDonald's.  BK pop is foul, plus the lids don't fit right.  I'm pretty sure that a large fountain Coke can cure cancer.  Or at least, a New Orleans hangover!

What color is your car?  Silver.

Are you having a good hair day?  Yes.

What is your favorite perfume?  Clinique's Aromatics Elixir

Are there any beauty products you can't live without?
Of course (said the closet product junkie)!  Cherry chapstick, Clinique oil-free retexturing lotion, Lorac neutralizing base, Bonne Bell gel bronzer, Aveda's Foot Relief, Cetaphil cleanser, Avon's bubble bath, Frizz-Ease, T-Gel, Rosebud Salve, Carmex... the list goes on for days.  Half of my linen closet has been taken over by my product collection.

What is your middle name?  Ann

What type of books do you like to read?  Mysteries
Seen any good movies lately? 
They played "Alamo" on the red-eye from San Francisco to BWI.  Seriously, I haven't seen anything in ages but want to see "Garden State" soon.  I'm home for the next 10 days so anything's possible.  
What is your favorite type of cookie?  These totally amazing cookies that the Green Tuna makes from rotten fruit.  Seriously... they are the best in the whole world and she makes special batches for me without the coconut as I'm allergic.
Are you talking about Tuna's persimmon cookies?   
Why yes.  And Tuna's already scoping out the fruit section at Meijer for persimmons.  She'll have a whole bag for me when I'm home for Thanksgiving! 
Who would you like to see featured on the next Spotlight?   Hamster Ranger would be great!

Enjoy your time at home Julie, and thanks for spending some of it with me!

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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Interstate Interlude

Iím the rhythm in your tune
Iím the sun and youíre the moon
Iím a bat and youíre the cave
Youíre the beach and Iím the wave
Iím the plow and youíre the land
Youíre the glove and Iím the hand
Iím the train and youíre the station
Iím a flagpole to your nation - yeah!

Brand New Day

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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Free Fallin'

I am slowly catching up on my computer backlog.  September was a fairly hectic month, and yesterday I started a new part-time job.  This is the first time I've worked outside of my home in over five years!  I'll be taking Jacob with me to the office for a couple of hours every day while Alex attends school.  I'll probably be bringing work home with me frequently, but I'm thankful for a schedule that allows me to be with the kids.  For now. 

I've still got a lot of yardwork to do to prepare my flower beds for winter, and am anticipating the removal of the millions of leaves that will fall into my yard in the coming weeks. 
School, church, and family activities have also been keeping us busy lately, although I know things will slow down once the weather turns colder.  Lately, it's almost as if I have a life, or something.

Overg and I are meeting in Kalamazoo this weekend.  We plan on lounging in a jacuzzi, watching The Apprentice, and going to an orchard.  It's only been two weeks since he was here, but I've missed him like crazy.  He's talking about flying me up to his place within the next few weeks, so that I can meet his parents, and spend some time with Beaker, Thumper, and Brunch!  We've also talked about me driving to his folk's house for Thanksgiving, and I'm going to work on getting him to come down at Christmas time.  Okay, so maybe things won't slow down any time soon, but at least I've got a spring in my step, and a smile on my face. 

Life is good.

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Monday, September 27, 2004
Peyton Power

Peyton Manning showed his true (blue) colors
yesterday as the Colts rocked the RCA dome
with a 45-31 win over the Cheeseheads in
this season's home opener. 

In other non-sporting news, I will spend the
day catching up on blogs, (no, really), and
doing some yardwork. 

Stay tuned for this week's Spotlight interview!

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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Normalcy Revisited

Well, it's over.

Big Brother 5, that is, and frankly, I'm relieved. 
I don't feel the anxiety that I did last at the end of the season.
I recapped the finale, wiped my hands clean of it, and gladly walked away. 

Last year when Big Brother ended, I turned to blogging for my daily diversion.  Reading other's blogs and working on my own was theraputic and entertaining.  Then Big Brother 5 started, and I got distracted.  Distracted by the worst bunch of house guests ever.  I've begun to regret that the show took away precious moments of my life that I'll never get back.  Moments that I could have spent doing something better.  Like blogging. 

Of course, I've had another diversion  recently.  In fact, this past week Overg came down for four days, and we had a great time.  He arrived last Thursday.  We spent that day hanging out with my kids, napping, and other stuff.  We went out for my birthday dinner that night with my parents, and made it back in time to watch the Survivor premiere.  (which we  barely even watched). On Friday, we took the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo, where we got to see my daughter's favorite,  the elephants,  my favorite, the polar bears,  complete with a ride on the carousel and a trip around the park on the train.  The kids left with their dad for the weekend that evening. Woot!
O and I watched the finale of Big Brother and ate pizza.  Then I was finally able to watch the movie Arthur with him!  (although I fell asleep). 
Saturday we picked up a new cell phone for me, (a birthday present from O), then went on a boat ride, ate a wonderful dinner, then stopped at the Rathskeller Beer Garden for a beverage, (and for O to meet my friend, Suzie!), then home.  O left the next morning, after eating a southern breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits. (his first! ever!)

The entire time with O was great.  I only wish he never had to leave.
Although I can take some comfort in seeing him again in less than two weeks, right?   That's just enough time to catch up on my blog reading, I guess.
[dreamy sigh]

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