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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Spotlight On...

Ferfelabat~ Another hurricane survivor and snark expert who enjoys baked potatoes and Drambuie.

Name: Cindy Cruciger    
Age:  42
Location:  Islamorada, Florida
Where were you born?  
Okeechobee, Florida

What did you want to be when you grew up?   
Tell us about your romance writing! 
The truth is, I just don't have it in me to write a full blown traditional romance novel even though I LOVE reading them.  I write very dark humor with seriously messed up people who I force the reader to like in spite of their usual good judgment.  That's why I love Hamster Time so much.  The hamsters are some seriously messed up individuals with that hint of something interesting.  It may take me weeks to figure out what it is about them that's so compelling, but the beauty of it is - I have weeks to figure it out and then use it.
My first book, will be on the store shelves in September of 2005.  It is written in the first person, so if you like my Hamster Time recapping style, you will probably like Revenge Gifts.  I am working on the sequel, Envy.exe and a completely different novel tentatively titled Snark.  Basically Snark is a fictional tribute to Hamster Time.  I promise I am not grifting off anyone else's material but I WILL do my best to get as many of HT's best qualities in there.  If anyone specifically WANTS me to quote them in it, email me an I will.  The structure wraps around the framework of THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK by Lewis Carroll an Agony in Eight Fits.  My goal is to make you feel like you've encountered Hunter S. Thompson cornered in a chatroom.
Would you consider your life romantic? 
No.  But I consider YOUR life romantic. 

Aww, thanks Ferfe!
What were mealtimes like for you as a child?   
My mother seldom -- if ever --  cooked.  We pretty much foraged for ourselves.  We sat down to a traditional dinner on Thanksgiving and -- possibly -- Christmas and for those occasions we were required to dress up.  Mom felt that if she cooked, the least we could do was dress for the event.  Left to my own devices I subsisted on Post Raisin Bran and Baked Potatos for years.  Seriously, years.  Once in a while my younger sisters made spaghetti. 
And now?  Did you learn to cook, or does that fall on Dave and the kids? 
Dave and the kids do almost ALL of the cooking.  I bake at Christmas, pies and cookies.  Other than that, all the restaurants who deliver are on the speed dial and all I have to do is say, "Feed Me" and they do.  My order never changes -- unless I'm bored.

Did you ever like any of your school photos? 
What was your first date like? 
I was nineteen and a half before my dad relented and let me date.  Dad was a retired football coach and he invited all of his coaching buddies over to vet the poor guy who was insane enough to want to risk dating Coaches daughter.  Needless to say, it was another year before I went out on another date and then only because I was in college and far away from the father gauntlet.
How did you meet Dave? 
Dave and I went to High School together.  I wasn't allowed to date until I was 19 but my dad let Dave hang around because he could fix all of Dad's boats.  Dad had the worst luck with boats.  Once Dave had dated all of my high school and college friends he finally asked me out.  Our moms had apparently been waiting for this and booked the church after the second date.  We have been married eighteen years and have two kids. 

What is in your vegetable bin? 
Garlic.  Brussel Sprouts.  Corn on the cob.  Ginger.  Cilantro.  Avocados. 
If you threw out the Brussel sprouts, I'd be in heaven!  What will you use the cilantro for? 
I learned a trick from a nice lady from Belgium.  She boils fresh sprouts till tender.  Then she puts them in a baking dish with real butter grated over them, salt and nutmeg grated off of a whole nut. Bake for about 20 minutes to half an hour.   People who have never liked them suddenly eat so many they make themselves ill.
Cilantro kicks up the flavor of just about anything, salsa to start with but also stuffed mushrooms (mix the cilantro in with the bread crumbs, onions, grated cheeses, shiraz and whipping cream),  I put it in salads, on garlic bread. The list is endless.  It just smells so wonderful.  When I DO decide to cook, it's usually weird shit as you can see just from this small sample.
BTW.  Today it is joined with twenty bags of carmel and two huge bags of red delicious apples for halloween carmel apples.
You had me at "cilantro", and now carmel apples!  Yum!

What color is your car?
Hunter Green

Are you having a good hair day? 
Every day I still have hair is a good hair day.  Ever since I had kids I've had to make a concious effort not to pull it all out from stress.

What is your favorite perfume? 

What is your middle name? 

What type of books do you like to read? 
What do you when you're online? 
I read everything and post things I find funny or interesting in The Cage. 
What type of movies do you enjoy?  
As long as it doesn't make me cry, I enjoy it. 
What is your favorite type of cookie? 
I take each cookie type on its merits and try to adore them all equally.
Do you speak any other languages? 
I learned Spanish and French and I suck at both.  My head just doesn't work that way for some reason.  I understand them when someone is talking to me, but I can't conjugate the verbs necessary for a decent response. 
Who would you like to see featured on the next Spotlight? 
Have you done Slae or TVJ?

I haven't done Slae, and I'm glad you asked!  Way cool. 'cause I adore them.  Make sure you hold Slae's feet to the fire over the Croatia badness.

Thank you for participating, Ferfe!  This was a hardcore interview!  *Drink*

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Saturday, October 16, 2004
What Really Goes on in Chat

lurblurryv1510n: *pats his imaginary kitty, Twinkie*
buffyvol1: I'd set up a Jersey cam, but all you'd see is her sleeping on her recliner and pissing in the hall
Chefgracegeorge: haha
blurryv1510n: Just like if I set up a blurry cam!
Tsylyst: sounds like me after a few more beers
buffyvol1: yea, she's a good puppy
Lifeonhold52: Twinkie! yes, blurry, you need a Twinkie
buffyvol1: Jers has a sister if you want her blurry
Lifeonhold52: Jers is a doggie, tho
buffyvol1: You could call her Twinkie
blurryv1510n: "Who wuvs my Twinkie?!?   Yes, I do, I wuv my Twinkie!   My Twinkie winky boo boo!"
Lifeonhold52: he needs a CAT named Twinkie
buffyvol1: But we could take Twinkie and Jers on The Amazing Race with us.
Lifeonhold52: oh, that would be fun
buffyvol1: If anyone wears fuzzy slippers, we could sic Jers and Twink on them
blurryv1510n: Twinkie and Jersey would be our attack pets.
Lifeonhold52: you will win the hearts and minds of America
blurryv1510n: And we wouldn't be above leaving them behind forever if it slows up other teams.
Lifeonhold52: and Canada, I'm sure
buffyvol1: Yes, Jers could knock all the skinny bitches down and lick their faces off
buffyvol1: and Jers will eat anything but her Puppy Chow, so she could do any food challenges
Lifeonhold52: haha, so will blurry
blurryv1510n: buffy could do the caviar eating challenge, and she "accidentally" drops it on the floor every time.
Lifeonhold52: and blurry would eat it!
buffyvol1: and the egg challenge.
buffyvol1: Jers get 2 egg yolks every morning when Maj is done eating the whites, so she'd be great at it
buffyvol1: Maybe Twinkie really should be a  cat. An ATTACK cat
buffyvol1: since Jers is a wuss
Lifeonhold52: yes!
blurryv1510n: Then I bring Twinkie to the Pit Stop, and I ask Phil if he would like to pet Twinkie on the head, and Phil would be all scared, but Twinkie is all mellow and calm, unlike during the race when she's all mean and vicious.
buffyvol1: I'm imagining Twinkie with one eye, a crocked tail and a little wooden leg
Lifeonhold52: that will make the show for sure!
Chefgracegeorge: Twinkie and Butch!  America's favorite team!
buffyvol1: See, I'm the "good cop". Keeping the peace. and Blurs is the "bad Cop" but they can focus on the one sweet thing he's ever done.  Whittling Twinks little peg leg
blurryv1510n: That's it!   Twinkie will be my partnet on the race!   What a gimmick!
blurryv1510n: "Butch and Twinkie: he's an unemployed professional hater, she's a cat."
buffyvol1: hee
Chefgracegeorge: works for me!
blurryv1510n: Butch: "We are going to win this race.   Ain't that right, Twinkie?"    Twinkie: "You bet your sweet bippy we will."
buffyvol1: Great!  Where do Jers and I fit in?
Chefgracegeorge: Twinkie would sharpen her claws on Phil's leg!
buffyvol1: "jers! Sic Blurry!  I've been replaced by a 3 legged cat!"
blurryv1510n: And Phil would be like, "Oh, the claws...   in my skin again.  But that's ok!   Making me bleed like that, giving me infections!   What a great...   a great cat that is."
buffyvol1: Or we could just send Jers and Twink.  They'd be billed as "The Wuss and the Puss"
blurryv1510n: buffy and Jersey...   she's also a professional hater, he's a multi-millionaire Jenga/skee-ball player/Chili's patron.
buffyvol1: Can you just see poor,sweet, goofy Jers running to beat the devil with that damn Twink on her back, claws dug in yelling FASTER!
buffyvol1: They'd win any "foot" races
buffyvol1: It would be like "Kitty" from Little Town on the Prarie
Chefgracegeorge: hahahaha

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Friday, October 15, 2004
In the Name of Love

OnlineHost: *** You are in "chatHT". ***
Chefgracegeorge: O~ I'm glad your name isn't "Clinton"
I couldn't say it with a straight face
Chefgracegeorge: no pun intended
mheh1: I want to get rid of my name
and start using the middle name
I wouldn't mind a new first and last name.
Chefgracegeorge: what is your middle name, Mike?
mheh1: My middle name is Eric
you should go with Miguel
my boss calls me Hermador
chefgracegeorge: Hermador!
mheh1: she calls me that too
you don't seem like a "Joel" to me
more like a....
What do I seem like?   A Gus?  A Bret?  A Hans?
Chefgracegeorge: haha
Gus and Hans made me laugh
how about Butch
blurry seems like a Butch
Overgme: whoa!
blurryv1510n: WHOA
mheh1: hmmm
Oh, wait...   O and Grace are probably on the phone.
Overgme: think we were meant for each other?
Chefgracegeorge: we were meant to be!
mheh1: just confirm you two now share a brain
that freaked me out
me too
mheh1: hmmm
*buys you a room*
woo hoo, free room!
Overgme: *fires up jacuzzi*
mheh1: don't order room service!
mheh1: I'm not that rich
Overgme: Grace is flying up here next week
Overgme: so we'll have a whole damn house then
blurryv1510n: And boy, will her arms be tired.    AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Best Wishes

Happy Birthday Mensch!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
A Little Diversion

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