Entry: Fast Food- The Horror Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I typically don't eat fast food more than once a week, but I swear, 90% of the time the order I receive from one of those places is incorrect.  I'm not sure if I'm just a bad-service magnet, or if this is a problem everywhere.  I can't tell you how often I have to swing back to the drive-thru or call the restaurant manager once I get home and find out they flubbed my order.  I always try to check the bag before leaving the window, but that's not always enough.  Plus, I sometimes forget.  Sue me.
I thought this blog would be a good place to document my horror stories, as a way of sharing my pain and as a big "EFF YOU, you stupid bastards" for ruining my, (or worse, my kids'), meals.

So, last week I went to my local Taco Bell and ordered a few things.  After receiving my order, I checked the bag, and it appeared that everything was there, but when I got home realized that the ONE THING I really wanted was not in the bag.  So, as typical, I speed-dialed them and told the manager how, yet again, they screwed up my order.  Now they OWE ME a Crunchwrap Supreme, damn it, but it's going to be another month before I'm craving one again.

Then, over the weekend I took the kids to Dairy Queen for lunch.  They've been begging me to take them there for weeks, and I finally caved.  Since I had a sick child with me, we did the drive-thru thing.  Big Mistake.  The cashier took my money, then handed me my bags, which I carefully checked,  then she handed me my drink, which was over-full and spilled all over my car door, me, and the center console.  I tried to grab some napkins, only to fine NONE in the bags.  Seriously??  I ordered a greasy-assed lunch for three and you can't give me a stinkin' napkin?!  I had to knock on the window to get their attention and then thrust the cup through the window and told them it was overflowing.  If the drink is pooling on the top of the lid, it's TOO FULL, people.  After getting my drink back, I drove away, then pulled over a few minutes later in a parking lot to open my sandwich, only to find they'd put "cheese" on it. 
Now, I specifically asked for "NO 'cheese' " when I ordered, and the order-taker even repeated it back for me, but did they follow through?  Hell no.  I had to go back to the DQ drive-thru and tell them that they messed up my hamburger, and tell them I wasn't pleased with the lack of service they'd given me.  I watched the girl take my hamburger past SIX employees who were standing around, goofing off, and push the sandwich back to the cook, while explaining what happened.  I then saw the manager ask her what was wrong, and after she explained it to him, he said, "oh", and continued to stand there, leaning against the counter.  He couldn't be bothered with something so trivial as an unhappy customer.

I kinda hate to admit that once I finally got the correct hamburger, it was very tasty.  We won't be going back to DQ anytime soon, though. 

Just a heads-up:  I've been craving Arby's Jalapeno Bites lately, which might require a trip there later this week.  That's a sure bet to give me some fodder for the blog.


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