Entry: Ebay is Like Crack, Yo Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I love browsing through the items on Ebay. I thought I might share a few today that caught my eye.  Some of these end soon, so the listings may disappear in the near future.   There's still plenty of time to bid on some of these items!

First, we have a cassette.   Nevermind what's ON the cassette, because when FREE SHIPPING is involved, who cares?!  (Okay, maybe I am a little curious about what's recorded on it).

Next item up for bid is a date with Brian.  I wonder if Brian's going to pay for the popcorn, because that would be worth way more than the current bid of $8.35.

Or, if you're on a diet, you could skip dinner and just purchase this picture of a burger.  What's strange about this auction is that this guy has, like, a dozen of these burger pictures up for grabs right now, and they're actually selling.  In fact, there are multiple bids on some of them.  Must be Black Angus.

How about some money?  Hey, it's a better way to make a profit than the stock market these days, (for the buyer, not for the idiot seller).

Here's a real stinker.  Apparently this CD was Digitally Remastered and is the original English version, not the American remake.  'Nuff said.

Ooh~ looks like Brian has some competition, (except...not).

This gives me a great idea of what to do with all those pesky cardboard boxes that the trash collectors won't take.  Genius.


And finally, for the guy who has everything... almost.



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